Tips on preparing and flavoring beans

Epazote (Chenopodium ambrosioides)
A strange plant related to spinach with a strong mustard flavor, epazote is supposed to help remove the “digestive issues” that some beans seem to give certain people. Add a little — a couple of leaves at first — to see if it works and to make sure the flavor is not too intense. Don’t add too much, or a new set of digestive problems could appear.

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This seaweed based spice is used heavily in Japanese dishes. It is sometimes used to improve the flavor and digestibility of beans.

Bean sprouts
Bean sprouts are an excellent way to make beans do more for your health. Soy and mung beans are the types most commonly used for sprouts. They are higher in many necessary nutrients that are not present in the dried form. Yes, simply sprouting the bean causes all this to happen.

The beans, when sprouted, lose digestive enzyme inhibitors that prevent you from getting the full value of their nutritive value while activating the enzymes that help you digest food. (All that garbled nonsense just means the sprouts are better for you and give you less gas!). You should not try to sprout and eat certain types of beans, such as kidney beans as they can be dangerous .

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