Scarlet Runner Beans

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Scarlett Runner Beans are a big favorite in home vegetable gardens. Folks fall in love with the red blooms! Ok, so do hummingbirds. And to be honest, I get why they are a favorite. They really do bring a burst of color into a green garden, and look great climbing over a backyard fence. You can, also, see Scarlet Runner Beans used in a lot of edible landscaping.

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These beans must be cooked, and are poisonous if not! See dangerous beans. The pod can be eaten early on, when it’s tender. Then they get a little tough, but you can just shell out the inside bean seed.

Scarlet Runner Beans are easy to grow, and they’ll do well in your vegetable garden or backyard. Make sure the soil has a neutral pH by for these guys, and that is doesn’t get too hot. Not like you can pop air conditioning on them, but you just won’t get as many beans when it’s hot. For the pH, just add some compost to the soil before planting and the bean plants should be fine.

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