Growing Beans Products

So, you’ve read through the site and are ready to start growing beans! The hardest part about growing beans is just getting started. Here are some helpful products to grow your own beans. They help make vegetable gardening, even growing beans, that much easier.

Check them out. And, just, go grow beans!

Success Planter with Staking Kit


Even if you are limited with garden space, you can still grow beans. Try bean container gardening! These patio garden kit grow beans nicely. If you are growing climbing beans instead of bush beans, make sure you have some kind of staking kit.

Raised Beds


Most vegetables are pretty happy in raised beds. Raised beds let you prepare and control the soil exactly how plants like it. So, they’re a great choice for growing beans.



Consider planting climbing beans by a trellis. This is a nice touch to any garden, and will give those beans space to climb. Also, it’s a good way to provide shade for a garden bench or position it correctly to provide shade to some of your shade loving plants.

Grandpa’s Weeder


We’ve all done it before. You know, leaning in between the bean plants to get that taunting weed, and falling over on the plants. Instead, use a long handled weeding tool. For Grandpa’s Weeder, you just have to be able to get a foot on the footpad lever. So, don’t lean over the beans. You could hurt your back or damage the tender plants.

Organic Pest Control


Hopefully, the garden pests will stay away from your beans. But, if you start spotting cutworms, aphids, spider mites, or Mexican bean beetles, you will need to treat the bean plants. Since pest control is being used around the garden area and on vegetable plants, please for your health make sure to use organic pest control. Here are some good organic insecticides to check out for bean plants: Neem Oil, Bug-a-Talk, and organic insecticidal soap for vegetables.

Remember, neem oil can also be used for many of the common bean diseases, too!



Bean plants love compost. Work some organic matter into the soil. But you need a composter to make compost. Build one, or pick one up. There are a lot of different composters, like these compost bins. The Tumbleweed Composter is an easy one to use, and they can be as simple as this wire composter. They even make indoor composters, which would be great for container gardening and those with limited yard space.


Organic Fertilizer


Compost is always handy as an organic fertilizer, but sometimes we don’t have access to a great compost pile. In that case, or if you need more of a boost to your bean plants, use another kind of organic fertilizer. These are good choices for growing beans: Great Big Plants or Vegetable Thrive.

Coco Fiber


Again, composting is a great way to prepare the soil for the great growing beans. But there are other soil amendments that are helpful to increase organic matter in soil for proper aeration, water absorption, and soil health. Coco Fiber, or coir, is a great soil mix to check out for container gardening or mixing in with raised beds.

Bean Sprouters


When thinking of growing beans, let’s not forget about bean sprouts. There are several ways to grow bean sprouts right on your windowsill or kitchen counter: automatic seed sprouter, natural hemp sprout growing bag, and the easy seed sprouter.

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